P: 519-786-5357  E: forestlegion@execulink.com

Branch 176, 58 Albert St., Forest, Ontario  N0N 1J0

Within Our Branch

The Forest Legion is part of the community and the community is invited to participate with us!

  • All of our events are open to the public.  
  • We are proud to supply our building at no charge to seniors.
  • Wednesday night darts starts in September and is open to the public.
  • We host meat raffles every Saturday from 4 to 6 pm.
  • You are invited to attend our brunch the third Sunday of each month from 9 am to 12:30 pm.

2017 Remembrance Day  Appreciation Dinner and Awards

2017 Levee Awards and Presentations

                                                 BARS - SERVICE PINS - RIBBONS
ORDINARY PINS                                
60 Year Bar and Pin - Jack Dudman                                                Life Membership Award          Branch Service Medal 
50 Year Ribbon and Pin - Don Woodland                                         Ken Parsons                             2017 -  Joanne MacOdrum
50 Year Ribbon and 55 Year Pin and Bar - Gary Lusk                            
50 year Service Ribbon - Bert Milton                                                  Legionnaire Of The Year

                                                                                                          2016 - Shirley Mann
45 Year                                                  30 Year                               2017 - Leo VanderHeyden
45 Year - Ron Silk                                  Wayne Sarson                    2018 - Crystal Pembleton
45 Year - Burt Dodds                                                                         
40 Year - David Anderson                                                               
35 Year - Bill Stuart                                15 Year 
                                                               Bob Companion               Certificate of Merit 
25 Year                                                                                            2017 - Brian Richardson 
Don Coates                                          
10 Year                                                  Ronn Dodge - Veterans Service Officer
Ron Campbell
Martin Underwood

Tom Boon 


45 Year                                                    35 Year                                        20 Year
Glen Spinks                                             Shirley Clieff                                Jennifer Davidson
Shirley Spinks                                         Trudy Emmons                            Cindy Davies
                                                               Jack Fraser                                  Howard Hartley
40 Year                                                   Carol Gellatly                              Shaun Hartley
Ted DeSchutter                                                                                           Don Plowright
Dave Delmage                                         30 Year                                      Ellen Jackson
Ronn Dodge                                            Bev Fenner                                 Barb McKellar
David Donald                                          Ruby Maxfield                              Ron McKellar
Bill Fraser                                              Bill McKellar                                  Gord Minielly
Cathy Fraser                                          Dianne Pedden
Bill Mancell                                            Larry Robinson                              15 Year
John Manning                                        Geoff Scholes                                Robert Duffield
Ken McNaughton                                                                                         Marion Gingras
Ken Parsons                                           25 Years                                       Dean Parsons
Mac Webster                                          Betty Bartholomew                        Jay Parsons
Neil Webster                                           Bob Bartholomew                          Robert Perry
Larry Wilson                                           Marcel DeSchutter
Brian Wright                                           Doug  McGregor                            
Floyd Cable                                            Mike Miles
                                                              Jim Sanger
                                                               John Tedball                                10 Year                   
                                                              Wendy Wellington                         Ellen Jackson           
                                                                                                                    Barb McKellar
                                                                                                                    Ron McKellar
                                                                                                                    Gord Minielly

                              PAST OFFICER RIBBON & BARS

Jack Dudman                                                              Stuart Burberry                             Darcy Thompson
Past Officer Ribbon                                                      Past Officer Ribbon                         Past Officer's ribbon and Second Vice President's Bar
 60 year Executive Bar and Pin                                    Executive Bar                                 Stephen Rogers  
Treasurer Bar                                                               Poppy Chair Bar                              Past Officer's ribbon, 1st Vice President's Bar 
1st Vice President Bar                                                 Paul Hopper                                    Public Relations Bar.

Past President Ribbon & Bar                                       First Vice Bar

Legion Crest - Ordinary Member                                 Past President Bar and Pin
                                                                                     Shirley Mann
Don Woodland                                                            Past Officer Ribbon
50 year Ribbon and Pin                                                2cd Vice Bar
Gary Lusk                                                                     Youth Ed Bar
50 year Ribbon and 55 year Pin                                  Patty Hopper

                                                                                     Past Officer Ribbon

                                                                                     Executive Bar

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